How independent are we?

How independent are we? .
As the country hits its 67th year today, the spirits of many are seen lifted :).
I have nothing against the celebrations. I am a patriotic Indian myself BUT….

So how independent are we?

What is this freedom if it doesn’t include liberation from hunger, inequality, injustice and exploitation?

Freedom means to have the privilege to choose, it includes

-Not requiring or relying on others as for care or livelihood, self reliant,
-Not looking to others for one’s opinions or for guidance in conduct

Few Things to consider

* We “still depend on China” for all electronic goods.
* We have not made any Operating system from Kernel level Nor even a good office package.(Win7 Basic Cost Rs.5999,Microsoft Office Professional 2013 Rs.24990).We still rely on pirated software and do not buy the software.
* We have not even manufactured Fx100d Calculator for our Engineering (8-10 lacs /Year ) students… We still rely on Casio.

*We have more rebels inside the Country than we have enemies outside
*We comment politicians for their corruption, but yet not willing to Vote for right candidate ( I was told there is no right candidate from the population of 121,07,26,932 + 1 (ME)


I’m just surprised when people wish “Happy Independence day” each other, they just do it for a mere formality.

I often see mails which say “Sabir bhatia” created Hot mail, Intel Pentium chip was made by Indian. But do we really realize that we just got ahead in economy for the time being using the Services Industry. The product Industry still remains at a all time low. And it is for sure that the verge of decline is on the cards if we do not take a initiative into the product industry. The entrepreneurs instead of bidding for short term profits, they should have a vision for at least beyond 10 + years and invest more into products industries.


We are still in dilemma to find How many states in India now ? 28 OR 31  

And the count goes on….. Are we willing to change our country? Lets change ourselves and our neighbours to correct the odds in India to make it a better place for all of us to live in. “Happiness” will automatically comes to our lives.

Lets do one pledge today on the occassion of Independence day

“I will do my duty to the best of my abilities and be an example, to make India a better place to live in”

Am sure, if we take up some (not all) duties, India will become more vivid.

Good luck guys….

Make India Smile