TMAD – Career Guidance session( MBA WOMEN’S )

TMAD (To Make A Difference proudly announces commencement of career guidance sessions for MBA Female graduates. (See the bottom for location details) . టు మేక్ ఎ డిఫరెన్స్ (టిమాడ్ ) అన్నది ఇది మన చుట్టూ ఉన్న సమాజానికి భాద్యతగా చేతనయిన, సేవ చెయ్యాలనే ఉద్దేశ్యంతో స్థాపించిన వ్యాపార దృక్పదం లేని ఒక స్వచ్చంద సేవా సంస్థ. Our education doesn’t address the needs of the students who are aspiring for career and a better life. While students learn many subjects, proper attention/focus is not given on how to be successful in career. The first sessions is being organized in Hyderabad. It is absolutely FREE. Please fill in the registration form and you will receive a confirmation email with the session details. Check the boxes of the sessions you wish to register for and then fill in your contact information at the bottom of the page. for more details please contact 9494466189/ 9884457656 

Thank you in advance for your help and we look forward to meet you at Career Session
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Event Details 
Career opportunities for MBA  

Interview Skills

Resources for Successful Job Hunting

Success Stories and motivational strategies will be given by Industry experts . 

This is Free workshop for Fresh / Unemployed MBA Female

 Reservations limited to 75 attendees.  
Honeypot ITC Private Limited 
# 6-2-46,Moin Cort, Advocates Colony, Opp A.C.Guards Busstop street, Lakdi-Ka-Pool – MasabTank road Hyderabad-500 004, Andhra Pradesh, India Landline: +91-40-329 90225, 329 90226 Map :
 మా  వృత్తి  సహాయక   సమావేశ కాలము  మీకు ఉపయుక్తముగా ఉండగలదని ఆశిస్తున్నాం  


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