Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge and Preserving knowledge in mother tongue

Decennial celebrations of Telugu Wikipedia

As many of you may know Telugu Wikipedia completed 10 Years. To celebrate this historic milestone the Telugu Wiki Community has planned to meet over for two days during Feb 15 and 16 in Vijayawada. We have also undertaken a series of On-Wiki and Off-Wiki activities Ten years of free knowledge and free thinking Wikipedia.The editing community who had already produced more than 53,000 articles . Telugu Wikipedia was still quite small, but off to a solid start. We’re also particularly proud this year of the success of Telugu Wikipedia as one of the leading language in Indian subcontinent in Jan 2014 we completed One Lakh Edits 🙂


The free knowledge contributed by our community is accessed by over Thousands of Telugu People every Day.It takes a movement to make something this extraordinary happen. To celebrate our tenth year,Almost everybody who contributes to Telugu Wikipedia does so completely for free. No one makes money on Wikipedia’s millions of articles and images. And yet, it works. Wikipedia keeps growing, and it keeps getting better. Telugu Wikipedia editors are people of every age and every walk of life: businessmen, artists, housewives, students.
They contribute  from all over the world. They share one thing in common: they love Telugu , and they love sharing in Telugu what they’ve learned.

Freedom of speech and access to information are core Wikimedia values. These values can be compromised by surveillance: editors and readers understandably are less willing to write and inform themselves as honestly and freely !

At the event, attendees will learn how to create, edit Wikipedia articles and get to work on increasing the number of Telugu editors on the Telugu Wiki
Some of the editing can include cleaning up articles, checking reference links, adding new citations, adding photos or more data and adding in any further content.

Some of the editing can include cleaning up articles, checking reference links, adding new citations, adding photos or more data and adding in any further content.

Participants are even encouraged to create new articles involving women and art subject matter or to bring brand new article ideas to the table.

Although there are sign-ups for attendance at Te.Wikipage it is not necessary to sign up prior to the event. It is suggested to bring your own laptop and power cord to the event.

For those who have no experience editing on Wikipedia, there is a tutorial available, along with further event information on this webpage:

we thank you for your support. It’s been a good year, and we look forward to more and better in coming years !

On behalf of the Telugu Wiki community and on behalf of the Telugu Wiki 10th Anniversary Organizing Committee, I take deep pleasure in inviting you all to join us in these celebrations.

Core Committee -Tewiki 10th Anniversary



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