This is it ! and thats it!!

Please consider I blog and I write here to log certain thoughts that come to me at a certain point in time. Its a process wherein this is also something I do to watch what I am doing and thinking and rework. And to keep in touch with some of my friends . And like anything else a post is inspired by a certain set of events. Ideas and beliefs according to me need not be something that has to be unchangeable. What is the point to have only one set of ideas and hang on to it till death? Especially when there is a better option? I like the concept of evolving and I shall continue to do so. I like taking new ideas and suggestions as long as it leads to progression. Or to what my notion of progression is. its all about the current state of my mind while bloging
It all need not necessarily have to conform everything under the heading of standard-ly accepted.
Why conform to that anyway? My journey is not about conforming to standards at all. Again, that is a personal viewpoint and I don’t expect that you should agree. And this space primarily is to watch that process.thanks

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